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This one coworker….I swear to his god. I will hurt him. He asked me about gay marriage and I told him he’d be barking up the wrong tree with me. He said “I think it should only be allowed between women.” Why?!?!?! What’s the difference then?!?!? You don’t just allow one gender the exception because your straight porn mentality deems one to be more appealing than the other, socially acceptable, or non threatening. Then he said and I quote “God made Adam and eve, not Adam and Steve.” And he giggles like that was so damn funny and witty. Your basis for why people can’t marry the person they love is a two letter difference? I’ll respect your perspective on what you believe to be true or righteous but please, you better back it up better than that. Not on your illogical narrow minded sexist (to both men and women) argument of girls sex prettier than guys to you.